Monday, November 5, 2012

My Bedtime Prayer For All My Sick Tortoise Friends

Dear God,
Please help all of my sick tortoise friends heal from their illnesses, especially those who are suffering from the dreaded MBD (metabolic bone disease). May they have the strength to maintain their appetite in order to sustain their nutritional needs;  May they have the will to survive for themselves & for their humans who love them very, very much. Please lead my sick tortoises' humans to veterinarians who have actual experience with handling & curing tortoises.  May these humans have the patience and necessary resources to get thru this challenging phase.  God bless us all -- myself, my human mum, my tortoise friends, and my tortoise friends' humans.  Saint Francis of Asisi, pray for us.  Amen  :)
A geochelone sulcata tortoise eating yellow bells.
Saint Francis of Asisi is the patron saint of animals.
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