Saturday, January 26, 2013

Treating My Eye Inflammation

"Here's what my inflammed right eye looks like today. At least now only about a fifth of my eye is covered with inflammation, unlike yesterday when half the front of my eye was covered due to inflammation. My vet says that it may have been due to an insect bite or I might have accidentally scraped my right eye on something, which caused the infection 'n inflammation. Usually, my human would use her hand to laddle warm water onto my eyes twice to make the teary red eyes go away. But since it's been three days as of yesterday, my humans decided to bring me to my vet."
"Here I am being brave 'n trusting, looking directly at my human's finger as she was about to slather some vet prescribed Tobradex (generic name: Tobramycin Dexamethasone) sterile ophtalmic ointment -- it's an antibacterial & anti-inflammatory ointment for the eyes. Pls. have your human ask your vet first before using this on your yourself  :)  I'm thinking here, "Easy, easy, be careful now...maybe if I don't move a muscle she won't accidentally poke out my eye". lol!"

"My human put a generous amount of the vet prescribed Tobradex (generic name: Tobramycin Dexamethasone) sterile ophtalmic ointment all over the tip of her finger to make sure that it gets on the surface of my eyeball with whatever part of her finger that touches my eye lol :D I was very calm the entire time :) I was thinking, "Pfft! Easy as a a plate of squash cubes! It doesn't hurt at all!" By the way, my human washed her hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid before she did this procedure (yup! dishwashing liquid lol! Just to be that her hand's squeaky clean 'n free from the moisturizer content of her hand soap lol!). But as an afterthought, I highly recommend asking your human to use sterile surgical gloves when doing this procedure on you :) She was very careful not to press on my eyeball. She just gently spread the ointment onto the surface of my right eye."
"Here's my 's right eye after my human put Tobradex (generic name: Tobramycin Dexamethasone) sterile ophtalmic ointment on it. About 1/5 of my eye is still covered in inflammation, while yesterday half of my eye was covered in inflammation. The vet says the ointment should be applied onto my right eye twice daily until there's no more inflammation. He also said not to worry and that it'd take only three days or less for my eye to get better :) I sat on my lap the entire time :) Pls. have your human ask your vet first before they use  this ointment on you. And don't forget to ask your human to wipe the excess ointment on your cheek."
By the way, my chelonian vet injected me with steroids, vitamin A, and vitamin E before giving me a prescription for Tobradex (generic name: Tobramycin Dexamethasone) sterile ophtalmic ointment which my human needs to put on my right eye twice daily until my eye's swollen inflammation disappears.

"My human had been applying Tobradex on my eyes twice daily without fail. But more than week after, my eyes were still inflamed. Even my vet was puzzled, as I had access to plenty of nutritious food, I got my steroid shots twice already, got my vitamins A, D & E shots twice already, my human had thoroughly cleaned my room (the TV room lol), and my Tobradex eye ointment was supposed to be potent. So one night, my human took a picture of my closed eyes while I was sleeping. And when she went on to look at my photo, she zoomed it, and this is what she saw. As you can see there are at least four specks of dirt stuck on my eyelid. And during my waking hours, these specks of  dirt constantly rub against my eyeball and irritate it. This explains why my eyes get inflamed an hour or two each time after my human applies the steroid based anti-bacterial/anti-inflammation Tobradex eye ointment on my eyeball.  =)"

My human used her hand to laddle clean, slightly warm water onto my head about 15 to 20 times (about 3secs apart to allow me to breathe in between) to get the dirt off my eyes. So there you go. My eyes are bright, shiny and healthy again.  Mystery solved.  Case closed.  =)


  1. poor Princess Peachy! I hope her eye heals up quick!

    1. Thanks, Turtle-Loving-Mandy :) Her right eye isn't better yet, but the swelling or inflammation has lessened. It's been five days now since we visited her chelonian vet. She was supposed to have gotten fully recovered three days ago. Her vet told us to bring Princess Peachy back on Monday, but given the recurring symptoms, we're planning to bring her in sooner maybe tomorrow or this weekend.

  2. It's been 6 days since Peachy's vet check-up and her right eye inflammation keeps recurring. The swelling would usually significantly decrease (sometime comletely disappear) a few mins after I apply her ointment but it would always reccur after a few hours. Anyway, today the inflammation recurred again & this time almost the entire eye was covered with inflammation so Peachy could no longer see me with her right eye. And to my horror, her left eye was starting to get inflamed as well :/

  3. So I panicked & slathered a generous amount of Tobradex on both eyes. Then brought Peachy back to her vet who injected her again with steroids, vitamins A, D & E, and something else (I forgot what kind of medicine that was). Anyway, by d time we arrived @ d vet's Peachy's eyes had improved a bit (must be coz of d ointment). Incidentally, this January I started to lessen her consumption of acorn squash (vitamin A source) to once a week only from daily; So now I'm reverting back to adding squash to her diet daily.

  4. Her vet prescribed her with cod liver oil -- a drop of it is to be added to her meal once daily; He says this is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes :) We have a follow-up check-up on Wednesday morning.

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  6. Baytril antibiotic from bayer works like a magic for all tortoises health problem.
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  7. Thanks for your contribution, Anonymous reader. My vet has injected me with Baytril antibiotics a long time ago when I was sick with a certain disease, which I don't remember of anymore. I agree that it is an effective drug. But I must caution that we ask our humans to let a veterinarian who specializes in treating reptiles to administer this drug on us sulcatas. Just to be sure that we're being injected with the right drug and that it is being administered in the right part of our body; Some types of drugs must only be injected on the front leg, while others must only be injected on the hind legs. Making a mistake could cause complications to us tortoises' kidneys for example :)