Friday, March 13, 2015

Eating A Cuttlebone for a Strong Shell & Trim Beak

This is how to remove the hard shell part off a cuttlebone before eating the soft chalky part.  I'm sharing this advice, which my human received from someone on one of her online groups.  Apparently, we sulcatas can't digest the hard shell part of a cuttlebone, which is why your human needs to remove the former before serving the soft chalky part to us.  Cuttlebones are a good source of calcium and eating it helps us trim our beaks  =)  By the way, vitamin D3 from unfiltered sunlight exposure will help us absorb the calcium that we eat to avoid soft shell problems and any illnesses related to calcium deficiency.

Soaking the cuttlebone in water for 2 days will make it easier to remove its hard shell, Place a something heavy like a rock on top of the cuttlebone to keep it submerged in water.
Now 2 days later. My mum's trying to pry off the hard shell from the chalky part.

Success! Let the whole soft chalky chunk of cuttlebone dry before eating  :)  nomz nomz!

It's so crunchy and chewy! Nomnomnomzzzz! :))


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