Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tipping The Scale

Back in February, I weighed only 200 grams and I still fit on the palm of my human's hand.  I also had calcium deficiency then so my plastron felt soft to the touch.  Now, eight month later, I weigh 1,850 grams (1.85kg or 65oz. or 4 lbs) and my plastron is solid as a rock!  I'm no longer in the habit of lying on the palm of my human's hand; Instead, I now like to sit snugly on her lap while we watch TV together  :)  What has helped me overcome calcium deficiency?  My first of two salad meals per day is sprinkled with a pinch of the calcium supplement powder that my veterinarian gave me.  My supplement powder contains:  calcium, vitamin D3 and minerals.  I'll ask my mum to ask my vet for the brand name of my calcium supplement powder (it's placed in a Ziploc bag whenever my vet gives it to my human), and then I'll post it on the "comments" field below this post.  In the meantime, I would recommend either Vionate or Rep-Cal (if you're heat lamp doesn't emit UVB; a phosphorus-free source of calcium and D3; United States) or Nutrobal (if you're heat lamp emits UVB; doesn't contain Vitamin D3; by Vetark  Products, Britain) a calcium balancer & multivitamin supplement for tortoises, which are some of the calcium supplement brands that Tortoise Trust recommends (I am in no way related to the owner of Tortoise Trust -- they are on the other side of the globe -- but I have a high regard for their expertise & credibility).  I don't know where to buy these supplements so please ask your vet about it or maybe go on Ebay (please take extra steps to ensure that what you are buying isn't fake).  Also, remember my fellow sulcata tortoise readers and humans, our ideal diet should be comprised of 70% "grass & hay" and 30% leafy greens & some acorn squash. Yes, please throw in some acorn squash in our diet because it contains vitamin A to protect our eyesight from infection and to avoid going blind -- like what happened to my deceased bff Koopa days before he died from complications caused by his advanced stage MBD (metabolic bone disease)Daily exercise and basking in unfiltered sunlight will help us absorb calcium too, while the warmth will help activate our digestive enzymes.  Here is a table of my monthly weigh-in's progress as of  this month: 

February 2012:  200 grams
March            :  350 grams
May               :  750 grams
June              :  850 grams
August          :  1,450 grams
October         :  1,850 grams

January 2015  12 kg

I weighed only 200grams back in February
"Now, eight month later, I weigh 1,850 grams (1.85kg or 65oz. or 4 lbs) and my plastron is solid as a rock!"

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